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Balticon Schedule – 2019

At the end of May, I’m going to Balticon! It’s been a few years since I’ve been in Baltimore, and it will be wonderful to get back and see so many friends and collaborators. If you’re going to be in the area, consider stopping by for a day and seeing all of the marvelous creators, panels, costumes, and merchandise!

My schedule for this year is light, but that’s ideal for meeting up with old friends and new collaborators! Plus, I’ll have some new badge ribbons to hand out, and maybe some promo codes for 2019 audiobooks.

Saturday, May 25 – 10:30 AM – Pride of Baltimore II
Muse on This, hosted by Sue Baiman

Muse On This is a podcast focusing on interviews with creative people, and their inspirations and thought processes. Sue Baiman asks the questions to find out what makes the creativity flow.

Saturday, May 25 – 3:00 PM – Pride of Baltimore II
Dynamic Voice Acting, moderated by Erin Kazmark of The Melting Potcast

With August Grappin, Tee Morris, Starla Huchton, and Veronica Giguere
Podcast and audiobook voice artists discuss and demonstrate the art of conveying a whole performance in audio-only media.

Saturday, May 25 – 4:00 PM – St. George
Readings (Paul Ellis, Veronica Giguere, Jennifer Povey)

I’ll be reading something new from an upcoming anthology.

Sunday, May 26 – 2:00 PM – Pride of Baltimore II
Why The Storyteller Needs a Narrator, moderated by me

With Melissa Hayden, Mike Luoma, Starla Huchton, Paul E. Cooley, and August Grappin
As authors monetize multiple revenue streams, audiobooks represent a popular venue with diverse distribution options. Investing in a narrator whose voice fits the work and brings it to life is an important decision. Learn how to pick a voice actor and navigate this type of business venture.
If you’re an author or small press publisher considering audiobooks and want to better understand the ins and outs of getting started, this is the panel for you!

Sunday, May 26 – 8:00 PM – Pride of Baltimore II
DRS LIVE! The Dead Robots’ Society Live Podcast, hosted by Paul E. Cooley

With Scott Roche, John Walker, and me

And, of course, you can find me at the con, likely clutching a cup of coffee or tea, and more than happy to chat about audiobooks! See you there!