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  1. How can moms help their daughters live with confidence and purpose? 2:55
  2. What's a "Mom Entrepreneur"? Veronica Giguere 4:07
  3. What's the trick to making lasting changes? Veronica Giguere 5:06
  4. What is Kali's next intern assignment? 3:16
  5. After a really bad day, what's keeping Zach at his new school? YA Science Fiction - m/f dialogue 3:49
  6. Lei wants revenge, but where's the right place to take action? Thriller - f/f dialogue 4:02
  7. If Jeremiah isn't a vampire, what else could he be? Urban Fantasy - m/f dialogue 4:49
  8. How can the Admiral aid an alternate-reality sister who hates him? Space Opera - multi-character dialogue 5:01