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Veronica narrates across all genres of fiction and nonfiction. Authors and listeners note her bright tone and ability to bring life to a wealth of distinct characters as key factors when choosing her for their audiobooks.

What Authors Are Saying

Veronica took my Empire of Bones Saga in hand with the first scene and deepened the personality of my characters while keeping them true to my vision. I’ve been more pleased with each and every book she’s narrated for me. I couldn’t be more pleased with her work. – Terry Mixon, Author of The Empire of Bones Saga

What Listeners Are Saying

With Veronica Giguere, it felt like a friend was sitting with me reading an amazing story that she couldn’t put down. Only she made kind of cool voices, with believable accents that didn’t yank you out of the story. Like the last book in this series, I listened to this novel with my wife, who also loved her presentation. Seriously, Veronica has her hooked on the series too… winning! Said Bossy Wife told me I should write more female characters, so I had an excuse to hire her myself! – J.R. Handley, Author & Reviewer

As I’ve come to expect, it’s a huge treat to listen to Veronica narrate a book. It’s like listening to a movie. – MelHay, Audible Listener

Veronica has a fantastic ability with voices. This is definitely not just a straight read. She manages to find a new voice for each character and bring them to life in the story.-  JLBrackett, Audible listener

I would’ve liked BROTHEL had I read it in printed form, but as an audio experience I loved it. I’ve been to many open mic poetry nights at local coffee houses in my hometown of NYC, and the work on display here would not only fit in perfectly but earn standing ovations. Highly recommended in any format, but I believe the audio will blow you away. – Nick Cato, The Horror Fiction Review